Is Monteverde an e-commerce store?

We are an affiliate store. We don't hold inventory, we don't sell products, and we don't handle transactions. What we do have is a beautiful and clear experience that lets you browse curated sustainable products from multiple stores in an intuitive and cohesive manner.

We hope to make it easier for you to sift through sustainable options and perform research for the brands you already know, as well as you connect with sustainable options that you may not have discovered yet! 

So then, how does Monteverde make money?

As an affiliate storefront, when visitors to our store complete a purchase on our partners' sites, the retailer pays us a small commission. How does this work? Any time a visitor clicks a link, a tracking cookie is stored on the visitor’s web browser that informs the retailer which publisher sent the visitor to their site. Those cookies are valid for a set period of time determined by the retailer. We only get paid if visitors actually make a purchase with our partners, so our business model is aligned with our mission to truly add value in curating these sustainable products as well as making a joyful online browsing experience for you as you shop.

Is my personal information kept private?

We take data protection very seriously, and your information will only be shared with our sustainable affiliate partners and third parties where they abide by applicable data protection legislation.