“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.”

- Emma Watson

There is only one Earth. There are 7.8 billion of us.

We all leave an impact on the planet, and we each have enormous power to shape our world through the people and products we choose to support. Every time you buy a product or support a brand, you’re casting a vote with your wallet to help spread and ensure success for the brand’s moral standards. 

At Monteverde, we support a community that wants to live a more purposeful and conscious life. We are inspired by this community and we want to empower even more people to live sustainably by choosing products that minimize climate change and pollution. 

While no product leaves zero trace, there’s a recent plethora of brands that truly respect and aim to care for our planet. Whether they focus on natural and recycled materials, organic and non-toxic chemicals, or recycled and compostable packaging, these brands embrace environmental sustainability to create a positive change in the world. Monteverde aggregates and promotes brands that employ environmentally responsible supply chains and Fair Trade standards, reduce their water consumption, and provide offsets for carbon emissions. Most importantly, these brands strive to keep our land, air, and water clean for current and future generations.

We created Monteverde because it can be challenging to find and navigate all of these brands individually in the vast ocean of the internet. By bringing them all together, we’re making it easier for everyone to shop responsibly. We want to create a place that inspires positive change, encourages empowerment, and amplifies the movement to reduce humanity’s impact on the planet. We do this so that making the right choice can be as easy as clicking BUY

We’re on a journey towards a more sustainable future, and we hope you’ll join us by making this site your first stop when shopping online. 

Together, we can make a meaningful difference.